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Album Review: The Chemical Brothers - Surrender [20th Anniversary Box Set Edition]

We review the recently-released box set edition of the seminal album from '99
The Chemical Brothers Surrender Box Set

Twenty years ago, following their chart-topping sophomore album, The Chemical Brothers dropped their third full length, Surrender. It was yet another landmark album by the duo who enjoyed very similar chart success and critical acclaim to that of Dig Your Own Hole. A clear indicator as to how obviously relevant they were at the time. 

It was the end of the '90s and the guys who helped usher in a new era of electronica earlier in the decade were ending it by setting the standard for album electronica and how it fit into the pop hemisphere. They did this not only by including guest vocalists, but also working with exactly who they admired while completely retaining their underground sensibility. There couldn't have been a better example of this synthesis than on their collaboration with New Order's Bernard Sumner, "Out Of Control." It wasn't their highest charting single, but it simultaneously maintained a strong presence on the UK pop chart, while still thriving in the underground. It was punchy, progressive house which featured the voice of a generation and it has aged quite gracefully twenty years later. 

On this remastered, box-set, not only will you find the glorious, original version of "Out Of Control," but two different interpretations are included as well. First, Sasha's masterpiece of a remix which took on a life of its own at the tale end of 1999 and also an unheard and unreleased, blazing-hot 21 minute remix by the guys themselves. Dubbed as The Secret Psychedelic Mix, it's one of five, unreleased mixes by the duo included on traditional black wax.

"Hey Boy, Hey Girl" is included as one of those unreleased mixes as well and it's historically known as one of their most successful. Yet, if you ever owned a copy of the vinyl, you surely remember that the lack of an extended club version proved to be very frustrating when trying to mix in and out of it. Wait no further though because that extended club cut is here with a heavy, hi-hat to complement the new, long-playing version. 

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Also included in the set of unreleased mixes are meatier re-vamps including the Noel Gallagher collaboration, "Let Forever Be," a b-side of Hey Boy, Hey Girl, and a never-ending version of the album's original closer, "Dream On" which will literally never end until you take the needle off the record.  

A collector's paradise can be found on the fourth and final record with the already mentioned Sasha remix, three different b-sides and a gritty, unreleased, 2008 Soulwax remix of "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" which has yet to ever see the light of day until now. Certainly an uncovered treasure and one of the most notable highlights of this extra-special package.

Along with the four slabs of wax included in the set is a DVD containing three digitally restored music videos from the album. Plus, never-seen footage of their incredible main stage performance at Glastonbury from all the way back in 2000. Make sure you pop this DVD in before listening to anything, turn up the surround sound and jam out with the 250,000 revelers who were lucky enough to witness the two wizards all the way back then. What's even more amazing is to see all the crowd shots and not one single cell phone in hand. Other extras include a large booklet with plenty of reading material and four art prints from the album and its singles. I highly suggest choosing your favorite and framing it.

Non-vinyl fans can also enjoy the box set via compact disc. Order your copy now online through your preferred retailer:


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