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Over the past few years, indie-folk artist Boy Willows has developed a solid reputation for his innovative and offbeat sound, hypnotic rhythms, and singular lyricism. For his latest release "Greyhound," Boy Willows teamed up with talented rapper and hip-hop artist Elais Park to produce a track that fuses an amalgamation of genres including folk-pop, classic hip-hop, jazz, funk, psych-pop, and indie R&B.

Like other great collaborations, "Greyhound" also carries an epic backstory. The song first originated while Boy Willows (Landon) and Elais Park were touring with esteemed indie rock band The Wallows. One day the tour bus mysteriously caught fire and Landon ran into the flames to recover the hard drive on which the duo had recorded an early version of “Greyhound." After returning from the tour to Los Angeles, Landon and Elais Park reunited to finish the song that they ended up calling "Greyhound" that powerfully reflects their mutually shared wild experience. Elais Park's smooth lyrical flow perfectly complements Boy Willows’ dulcet vocals. Replete with celestial synths and mesmerizing cadences, "Greyhound" is captivating ear candy. 

To support the release of "Greyhound." Boy Willows and Elais Park released a music video. The surrealistic video features monochromatic subdued blue imagery of the duo dancing in front of a mirror, recreating the fun and intimate nature of the song. 

Watch "Greyhound" below. 

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