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What To Make Of Camelphat & Seth Troxler's Twitter Beef Over Tech-House, Success

Does any of it matter? Probably not, but it was good weekend internet fun.
Seth Troxler

House and techno Twitter went sent into a tizzy over the weekend after Seth Troxler called out Camelphat on his Instagram account and then on Twitter, saying their music is “nothing more than EDM disguised as house music.” Camelphat responded and a large group of DJs like Paul Woolford and Eric Prydz came to the Liverpool duo’s defense. Does any of this matter or is there anything to take away from it?

Does It Matter?

In the end no, but it does show a trend of Troxler turning into the old man yelling at the cloud meme as the music world around him changes. The Michigander has been one to have rash opinions on the current state of dance music, often lashing out of the white washing of electronic music culture. 

This one may have gotten the most backlash of all, attacking dudes who have been quite successful, though few would say commercial success was the goal.

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What To Take Away From It?

Beyond some juicy EDM beef over a weekend and a chance for DJs to show how positive they are in public, probably nothing. There are some merits to discussing the state of tech-house and the whitewashing of dance culture in general, but this wasn’t the way to do so. Just going after one artist who has been successful with a track, “Cola,” that took over a year to slowly break out around the world is not the right move. Then again, Twitter is not a good place to have substantive debate over culture and career success. Troxler is right, people are entitled to your opinions, but that doesn’t mean people can’t have an opinion about your opinion -- especially if you are quite successful in your own right.

There is plenty about modern dance music that should be dissected and criticized, like a lot of techno copying 90's trance, or how lifeless a lot of tech-house sounds, but bashing others in this way ain't it. He can be right on a lot of things, albeit in a very blunt manner, but this wasn't the avenue to express a disdain for current tech-house. If Troxler submits his music for Grammy consideration, I doubt he would turn down a nomination...

They will likely play a few festivals together over the summer in the UK and around the world. A potential meeting of the minds would make for some good reality TV, but probably just be a boring handshake. 

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