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Dr. Dre, Beyonce, Taylor Swift Top List Of Highest Earning Musicians Of Decade

These musicians made A LOT of money over the past decade.

Forbes has compiled the top-earning musicians over the past decade and the numbers are staggering. Despite no number one records and only one album this decade, Compton, Dr. Dre is still the top earning musician by quite a bit, earning a mammoth $950 million in that time span according to Forbes. That is thanks to his 20% stake in Beats, which was sold to Apple in 2014 for $3 billion.

The next two made their money the more traditional way. Taylor Swift & Beyoncé made $825 million and $675 million respectively from touring, selling music and sponsorships. JAY-Z is also on this list with $560 million, making him and Queen Bey worth one billion together. Others on the list include Paul McCartney (still raking in money), Lady Gaga and Diddy. No DJs made the list.

There is one caveat to this list. Dead musicians didn’t make it otherwise Michael Jackson would have topped it with over $2.3 billion to his and his estate’s name.

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As Forbes notes, “If postmortem earnings were counted, Michael Jackson would be No. 1. His staggering $2.37 billion total for the decade by our count is higher than his estate’s recently filed estimate of $1.7 billion because we counted reinvested royalties from his half of the Sony/ATV publishing catalog (his estate sold the asset for $750 million in 2016).”

See the full top 10 below.

1. Dr. Dre $950 million
2. Taylor Swift $825 million
3. Beyoncé $685 million
4. U2 $675 million
5. Diddy $605 million
6. Elton John $565 million
7. JAY-Z $560 million
8. Paul McCartney $535 million
9. Katy Perry $530 million
10. Lady Gaga $500 million

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