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Early Streaming Service 8tracks Shutting Down At The End Of 2019

Lack of funding, growth and an eventual buyer led to its downfall after 11 years.
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Early music streaming service 8tracks is shutting down at the end of the year, tomorrow, December 31.

The music service had been around for 11 years and was an early entry point for those who were getting into the new tech. It made playlists easy and help usher users into other playlists and songs to help discover new music. A lot of the current playlist culture germinated with 8tracks.

In a lengthy blog post, one of the company’s founders David Porter outlined why the company is shutting down and the larger problems facing music tech startups.

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“To state it simply, we’re shutting down because we can’t generate enough revenue, at our current scale, to cover royalties that continue to increase,” he writes. Free tiers on popular music services and the restriction of API controls on SoundCloud, Facebook and Spotify all made it harder to integrate with those services and make 8tracks more useful.

He goes into raising money, trying to meet expectations for revenue and growth and eventually failing, which led to the downward spiral of less employees, new features etc. They tried to get bought, but the buyer eventually failed to make the purchase.

If you ever made a playlist on 8tracks, you will get an email on how to download the metadata for it. 

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