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Event Review: Jamie Jones, Marcel Dettman At Alicante's Metro Dance Club

Jamie was joined by co-headliners Marcel Dettmann and Enzo Siragusa for a night at Spanish port city Alicante's Metro Dance Club.
Jamie Jones Metro Dance Club

After a trip to Amsterdam in October for Amsterdam Dance Event, I found myself living in Alicante, a large city in the SE region of Spain. Although a beautiful seaside tourist hub on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, I hadn’t found much of an electronic music scene the first few weeks. That is, until I came across a flyer for Jamie Jones headlining Metro Dance Club.

On December 5th, Jamie Jones along with other international and local DJ’s took over the massive club until 8 am. An Ibiza style club with four different musically themed stages and even it’s own merch store, there was something for every musical taste. One of the best things about the Metro Dance club was being able to experience completely different vibes in the same complex. There was the cozy and comfortable Living Room that stayed cool no matter how packed it got in the end (more to come on this later). There was El Patio, a large open air stage where the LED displays poured light out over the packed floor with uptempo beats blasting all night.

Then there was my personal favorite, simply called Dance Floor. The all-black room with super-low ceilings played host to a stellar lineup of techno artists that kept the sounds just as dark as the room itself. Here I found myself lost in dance as the night wore on, just another member of the crowd hypnotized by the beat. Every climatic techno crescendo came with caution as the swinging light fixtures seemed just out of raised arm reach.

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Under Jamie there were co-headliners Marcel Dettmann and Enzo Siragusa who were all supported by a host of local Spanish talent. Enzo’s set was a bit anticlimactic. It was hard to tell if he lost the crowd or if the crowd just bailed early (anticipating a packed Living Room for Jamie Jones). Meanwhile, as the crowd continued to thin on El Patio, I headed back to Dance Floor to catch some of Marcel Dettmann (the legendary Berghain resident) who still had the room thumping with excitement well into the morning. This dark pulsating melodies were just what was needed to make that final push to the finish line.

Marcel Dettmann

Ah, finally. 6am. I summoned the last of my energy and made my way up to the Living Room. Its Jamie Jones’ turn to take over and the floor couldn’t be more packed. I force my way through the crowd, struggling to inch forward. Personal space is nowhere to be found. It’s shoulder to shoulder and the crowd seems to sway as one. As much as I wanted to go on the journey with Jamie, I just couldn’t stand more than 20 minutes feeling like a dancing sardine.

Metro Dance Club definitely delivered a magnificent night out for a dance music enthusiast visiting the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Count this as another great night where the "supporting cast" stands out and makes it all worthwhile. If you happen to find yourself in this beautiful part of Spain, and fancy a proper night out, check out their website for upcoming events. You might just get lucky and have a night to remember. 

Metro Dance Club Jamie Jones

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