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Event Review: Madeon Brought Good Faith Live To Brooklyn Steel

On November 27th and 29th, Madeon played two Good Faith Live shows at Brooklyn Steel. The live performance, visuals, and all around crowd made for an unforgettable night in one of NYC's best venues.

Last week wasn't just the week to give thanks and score some holiday deals, it was also for attending Madeon's two Good Faith Live shows at Brooklyn Steel. Due to popularity, the November 27th show was added so his many fans could get a chance to see him without overcrowding of the venue. 

Madeon at Brooklyn Steel

Madeon - Good Faith Live at Brooklyn Steel

They were both relatively early shows. Despite having a cold, Madeon started his performance promptly at around 9:30pm both nights. Instupendo provided support and prepped the crowd for Madeon. The crowd filled quickly and by the time the opening song filled the dance floor, there wasn't much room to move towards the front. His show drew a diverse crowd and while his album Good Faith is artistically very different than Adventure, people were clearly excited for it. The most memorable part about the show for us were the vibrant and creative visuals made for the tour. Madeon said he spent large amounts of time with other creatives in an Airbnb to collaborate, and it definitely paid off, making his vision clear. 

With a minimalist stage setup, the lights and visuals along with his lightsaber-esque microphone stand tied everything together thematically. His singing came through well and it was so easy to see how much fun he was having on stage because of his dancing and jumping throughout the set. He played his old hits like "You're On" and "Icarus" alongside his entire Good Faith album. All of the songs from the album sounded fantastic live but "Miracle," "All My Friends" and "No Fear No More" had the crowd dancing the most. 

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The show felt short because of how enjoyable it was, but it ran until about 11pm when he closed with "Shelter," because, he had to do it for the fans!

Please catch Madeon's new live show if he's coming to your city, because it was truly an unforgettable show that displayed how far the French artist has come since his viral beginning on Youtube. Get your tickets here

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