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Hyperdub Releasing Limited Analogue Sega Music Cartridge With Exclusive Music From Burial & Others

The exclusive game system and music cartridge comes in Hyperdub color scheme and has music from Ikonika, Kode9 and more.
Hyperdub Analogue Sega Console Cartridge

Hyperdub continues its 15 year celebrations with something quite unique. It has partnered with video game hardware company Analogue to create a limited and one of a kind Sega Mega Drive music cartridge. The album is bundled exclusively together with a limited edition remake of the Sega Mega Drive. On that cartridge will be some exclusive music by the likes of Ikonika, Burial, Kode9, DJ Taye and more.

There will be only 1,000 of these made and 150 sold in the EU. People in the EU can buy them on the Hyperdub website and the rest of the world on the Analogue website.

Learn more about the Sega Mega Drive on the Analogue website. It allows you to play Sega games with wireless controllers – bringing classic gaming to the modern age. The whole set up with the console and cartridge will run you $250. A gift to yourself this holiday season? Listen to 20-second clips of each song.

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01. Burial - Starlore
02. Scratcha - Dva Mega Wasp
03. Ikonika - Git Gud
04. Jessy Lanza & Jeremy Greenspan - Bobby
05. Proc Fiskal - Flakier Whelk
06. Lee Gamble - Segatrack
07. Mana Altered - Interzone
08. Cooly G - Check Check
09. Nazar - Yula
10. DJ Taye - FF
11. Kode9 - Spiral Unlock

Hyperdub Analogue Sega Cartidge

The entire package comes with the following:

- Analogue Mega Sg Hyperdub LE]
- 8BitDo M30 2.4g Hyperdub LE]
- Exclusive Hyperdub Album Cartridge Hyperdub LE]
- Hyperdub '3rd Ear Cat' Metal Keychain (pic below)
- HDMI cable
- USB cable
- Worldwide USB Power Supply 100-240v, 50/60hz, USA/JPN plug-type]

Hyperdub Analogue Sega

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