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Magnetic Mix 072: Athlete Whippet

The South London duo share some of their favorites going back to the 80's.
Athlete Whippet

Aviram Barath and Robin Braum are Athlete Whippet, a South London house duo. Since making their debut in 2016, their hazy sun-kissed productions have fast become favorites among the UK’s best and helped them get some mighty fine gigs. They recently released a new collaborative EP with Olugbenga titled Touch that adds some soul to their summery house music. With that EP still ringing true, we asked the pair to make us a Magnetic Mix that covers their love in jazz, house and other older electronic records.

"This is one of those were you only realize later what a wild bunch it is. From some brilliant new and upcoming tunes from friends and neighbors, some things we put out on Squareglass, over to jazz, house and other electronic things from all over the place and some absolute classics, all the way back to the 80s too,” explains Braum and Barath. “There's a lot of fun in this and it's a good representation of what inspires us for things we've written recently."

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Follow along with the tracklist as you listen to the mix.


1. Space Ghost - Twilight Swim
2. Lone - Airglow Fires
3. Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga - Where You Been?
4. Blaq Numbers - Les forces du mal (Mangabey Remix)
5. Yann Polewka - La French Teuch (Cody Currie Remix)
6. 30/70 - Slangin (Neue Grafik Rework)
7. Folamour - Skin U're In
8. MagixFX - Untitled
9. Athlete Whippet & Olugbenga - Be Reborn
10. Edmondson - Flamingo Tripper
11. Womack & Womack - MPB (Missing Persons Bureau)
12. Max Graef - Life on Mars
13. Junius Paul - Baker's Dozen
14. Saul - Ping Pong
15. Cody Currie & Joel Holmes - Blue TV Screen

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