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Paul Woolford Releases Hardcore Fourth Special Request Album Of 2019 'Zero Fucks'

Paul Woolford is releasing this heavy, relentless new album for free.
Special Request Paul Woolford

Paul Woolford is just showing off now. He has done it again with another Special Request album right before the end of the year. His fourth Special Request LP in 2019 (not to mention numerous Woolford releases), he has been my artist of the year and cements that with Zero Fucks.

This album has been released a bit differently from his others. It is out now on Bandcamp for free or a name your price purchase. It may never appear on streaming services or be sold officially anywhere because it samples some big time tracks like Jay-Z “Dirty Off Your Shoulders” and Travis Scott & Drake’s global smash “Sicko Mode.” It also samples the voices of Francis Bacon, David Lynch and others. A vinyl edition will come in 2020.

Zero Fucks lives up to its name. It is a mix of celestial and lush techno with hard breakbeats and a hardcore undercurrent that is ready to punch you in the face.

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“Concentrating purely on the heavyweight original hardcore ethos of taking whatever you want from anywhere,” explains Woolford, “these tracks are made for shelling down dances and losing your marbles.”

The album really hits you with tracks like “SPECTRAL FREQUENCY” and “TIMELAPSE / 20 MISSED CALLS” that are ready for you to lose your fucking mind. The songs being in all upper case fits with the relentless and powerful nature of this LP. If you need something to get ready for tonight or continue the sesh at 8am, do not hesitate to put on Zero Fucks. This is for the outlaws and true partiers of the world. This is for those who give Zero Fucks

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