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Playlist: Jimi Jules 10 Favorite Innervisions Songs Ever

Jimi Jules shows his love for Innervisions with his 10 favorite songs on the label, going back to 2008.
Jimi Jules

Jimi Jules

Over the course of the past decade, there are few labels that have risen to become as dominant as Innervisions. Label co-owners Dixon and Âme became some of the biggest DJs around, pushing the label to new and exciting venues around the world. It is primed for another great year in 2020, but as we look back on some of the best music this decade and millennium, we asked Jimi Jules to do the same.

The Swiss DJ and producer hit the big time with “Pushing On” alongside Oliver $ and has since gone from strength to strength. He released a new three-track EP Fool on Innervisions this past Friday where the title track has been getting a lot of buzz in the lead up to its release. The rest of the EP fills out another great release for him. Buy the release here.

We asked Jules to give us his 10 favorite Innervisions tracks ever to look back on what the label has done. Picking tracks over the past 12 years, he looks at some great selections from Ripperton, Rampa, Âme and more.

“Putting this playlist together, I realized even more Innervisions’ strong impact on electronic music, thanks to the fine leaders, selectors and label owners Dixon and Âme,” says Jules. “When I listened to all the music, it was a really tough for me to choose 10 favorites, because most of the releases are unique and special, produced in their own way, meaning they are all kind of classics to me. So actually I may choose 10 completely different tracks tomorrow, or next week. But here we go.”

1. Ripperton - Unfold (2014)

This is Swiss-made emotional house music at its best by my dear friend Ripa. With this tune he gave me lots of inspiration for my music. He pushes the combination of emotional, weirdness and sound design to another level. I love and played this tune in a lot of sets to bring a deep vibe to the dancefloor. The Moogbass solo grabs the attention of the people immediately and the following chords gives this a certain flavor of a timeless classic.

2. Lil' Tony – House (Raw) (2008)

This is a banger with its subby vibe and its rawness. I remember that I once went through Lil Tony’s whole catalogue after I played with him at Zukunft a few years back. I appreciate his vision of dancefloor tools a lot. It's always very simply made but effective with a special groove and heavy low-ends.

3. Trikk - Ardente (2019)

Bruno aka Trikk is a perfect example of a steady growing Innervisions artist. He always delivers with an outstanding sound design and a certain easiness, in the meantime he shows to the people how easy it could be to produce different music compared with the standard 4/4 beat producers. I would love to have Bruno’s ears for one day -- his tracks and ideas always sound like they are from another planet and the arrangement is always on point. With "Ardente" he shows once more a new side to himself with a dramatic techno tool. I play this tune in every set, because it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it and every time I see the people reacting to it.

4. Ian Pooley - Floris (2014)

I think this track is one of my three most played tracks from the label. It’s perfect for later hours at the club. It gives this certain emotion and freedom with its calm, subby groove and the subtle synth line that modulates throughout the song.

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5. Âme - Gerne ft. Gundrun Gut (2018)

I started to love the whole Âme album Dream House because of this song. The connection was that one time that song popped up on my headphones during landing in Berlin on a Sunday evening. I was on my way to the last gig of the weekend and I was really really really tired, but Gundrun’s vocals combined with Frank and Kristian’s ideas, their beats and emotional music, plus the almost funny melodies put me in the right vibe instantly. This song is a great example of Frank’s impact to the label. He has his unique sound design but changes style like a chameleon. I love this dude and everything he's touching.

6. Ditian - Fine day (2019)

Well, listen to the song and you'll understand how strange and touching this song is. It’s the perfect song when all the bangers had been played and you look for something deeper for your set. A song to close your eyes and let go.

7. Rampa - Fluke (2018)

Is it possible for Rampa to not make hits? I guess no! Everything he's touched is a banger and everything he's released turns out to be a piece of gold. Rampa is a truly, quality goldmine if you are looking for "cool" super-hits.

8. Madioko 'N' Rafika - Elleli (Kalabrese Remix) 2009

I just realized that I have played this track for more than 10 years and that this track was actually the first track I found from Innervisions. This is also a good example of how the label is open to different ideas of dance music. It doesn’t has to be, it can also just be. Zurich’s finest Kalabrese shows his world with an outstanding funky remix.

9. Marcus Worgull feat. Osunlade - Reno (2013)

Still one of my favorites on the label because of its rememberable guitar rhythm. It puts the (expressive dancers) in the right mood immediately to rock the dancefloor to show his/her/their skills. It works perfectly during prime time to show the people something interesting on an after hour to groove on, or in a car when I drive my kids to school.

10. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (Olof Dreijer Remix) 2010

Around that time in 2009/10 I saw Dixon playing b2b with Kristian (Âme) in Zurich for the first time. In the beginning I was actually kinda bored, because this music was new to me and they began their set really mellow, but after a while I started to get into the vibe. After two hours I was on fire and they played this tune. I would have loved to have this beauty but there was no Shazam or ID-Hunters at that time so I had to search for a few years to finally find this amazing remix by Olaf.

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