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Premiere: Dom Dolla - San Frandisco (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)

Illyus & Barrientos add a little more heft to the original from Dom Dolla.
Illyus & Barrientos

Illyus & Barrientos

Dom Dolla’s “San Frandisco” has been one of the biggest tracks over the latter half of the year. First getting some rinsing over the summer, it has only grown in stature. Now a group of remixes have started to emerge to give the song more life. Glaswegian house duo Illyus & Barrientos is releasing their own take on the track tomorrow, but we have the premiere today.

Illyus & Barrientos keep the soul of the original, but add their own touch to the record. They add a playful synth melody and make the bassline even heavier than it was before. The spoken word love letter to San Francisco clubbing remains a focal point. The remix was inspired by Ibiza and a few cocktails.

“We love the original so much, so it was our pleasure to jump on the remix," says Illyus & Barrientos. "This all came around after having a few cocktails in Ibiza with Dom, and we really hit it off! We've added our groove into this, and gives all you DJs another option for the dancefloor..."

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The Illyus & Barrientos remix will be released tomorrow, December 12.

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