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Premiere: Kate Simko Shares Synth-Heavy "Battle Is On" From 'We Believe In Dinosaurs' Documentary Score

'We Believe in Dinosaurs' is a film about creationism, conflicting ideologies, and America’s troubled relationship with science and Kate Simko provides the synth-heavy score.
Kate Simko

TV and movie soundtracks can be some of the best pieces of music each year, but also many of them can sound lifeless without the visual medium attached. That is no fault of their own, but they sound composed with one idea in mind and not generally listening as an added benefit -- this one isn't that. DJ, music producer and London Electronic Orchestra leader Kate Simko scored a new documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs, a film that explores creationism vs. science and the polarizing forces at play in modern society. The full score is a synth-led journey through the emotions of competing ideals that do not sit well with each other. We are happy to premiere one of the tracks “Battle Is On” from the score before it is released on Friday.

The track comes from one of the biggest moments of the film as you feel the tension between the two competing parties who don’t want to back down. A Moog Voyager carries the sound to help symbolize modern science and technology as science battles with dated arcane beliefs.

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"’Battle is On’ is the most confrontational moment in the film. The music underscores a protest against the Ark Encounter, alongside creationists staging a counter-protest,” explains Simko. 

“Everyone is showing up at the same time, to a police presence, and this is also when the Ark Encounter was celebrating it’s opening. The scene is carried by the raw, urgent sound of a Moog Voyager bass line. I booked a studio session to record this analog machine, as it has such a rich, deep sound, which works perfectly beneath this chaotic moment in the film.”

She worked closely with the director Clayton Brown to get the right type of emotion out of each moment in the film. The documentary was released by 137 Films on November 19 and is available on digital platforms and On Demand. Additionally, We Believe in Dinosaurs will air on PBS’ Independent Lens on Monday, February 17, 2020.

Pre-order your copy of the score here before it is released on Friday, December 13 via Lakeshore Records.

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