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Review: FaltyDL - Flechazo EP

FaltyDL delivers two dreamy, hypnotic tracks with his new EP.
FaltyDL Flechazo EP

FaltyDL has released a new EP Flechazo via Studio Barnhus.

The new EP starts out with the title track “Flechazo” that feels like one of 2019’s best epic and beautiful electronic records. A steady kick drum and open snares drive it, but it really pulls you in with a hypnotic synth melody and shimmering, reflective fx over it. It feels like getting lost in your reflection in a slowly ripping pond with a harp player’s music flowing in the wind.

The second record “New Lover” is designed more for the dancefloor with some breakbeat drums and a classic 90’s sounding piano line on top. Soft strings give some depth to the softer sections and a fleeting violin enters in each big break moment. A voice is distantly heard throughout parts of the song as everything is layered just right.

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FaltyDL is a prolific producer and has put out several EPs + remixes over the course of 2019, but this may be his best this year. Everyone wants to finish their year strong and FaltyDL has done just that. Get your copy here.

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