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Spotify Wrapped: See The Music You Listened To In 2019

What did you listen to in 2019? Spotify users can find out now.
Spotify Wrapped 2019

Spotify has released its 2019 Wrapped guide for users and artists. Users started getting this last night, but most people will really see it today. It allows users to see how much music they listened to (me over 73,000 minutes), who were their favorite artists and what genres they liked the most. Being genre-fluid feels like a nice flex.

In addition to the wrapped for 2019, they also have a few stats for your listening habits over the past decade. It isn’t as in-depth – focusing on your favorite songs and artists, but it is nice to see what you have been listening to since you started on Spotify.

It is rather simple to see. Go to the Spotify Wrapped website and then login to get started. Then go through the sixteen slides and see what you were really like.

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Spotify has already released Wrapped for artists, so they will be able to see their stats and show off how many minutes people listened to them around the world. 

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