Strictly 140 Guest Mix 045 - Dred

These short, brief articles will showcase a little bit about the artist featured on the various Strictly 140 Guest Mixes, this one includes the DJ & Subtle FM Radio co-owner known as Dred.
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Dred Strictly 140 Guest Mix

The 45th installment of the Strictly 140 Guest Mix series comes from one of the cheekiest lads I've ever had the pleasure of meeting -- we welcome Dred to the mix roster. Dred is a young artist from London. He dabbles in production and DJ's at various events up and down the UK. He also co-owns (alongside Buer & Kryo) one of the most exciting radio stations to come out of London in recent years, Subtle FM.

Subtle FM Logo

Subtle FM Logo

Dred has really put together a very special guest mix for us. He's included all types of music at 140bpm including some special dubs, forthcoming bits and unreleased productions. Have a listen below, out to Dred each and every time.


1. Opus - Ghost 
2. Quasar - Post Echo Dub (Mr K Remix)
3. Cartridge - 12 Tonnes
4. Barebones - Men Call Me Mad 
5. Nomia - ??? 
6. Capo Lee - dream (Mr K bootleg) 
7. Dalek One - Can’t Walk 
8. Cartridge - Snake Charmer 
9. Senncoria - Pharaoh 
10. J:Kenzo - Desired State 
11. Enigma Dubz - E.T 
12. Kryo - Yar VIP 
13. SP:MC & LX One - Hunted (Nomia bootleg) 
14. Juicy J - Drugs In The Club (Salty bootleg) 
15. Mr K - ??? 
16. B-say -??? 
17. Kryo - ??? 
18. E3 Breaks - ooga booga 
19. Tripta - Bowed Strings 
20. Boylan feat Slimzee - License 
21. Dunman - Pyscho x Norman 
22. Thelem - Choppah 
23. E3 breaks - Sickle Cell 
24. J:Kenzo- Narky

The next guest mix comes from Taiko and will be online over the next 2 weeks. 

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