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The Orb Announce New Album 'Abolition of the Royal Familia,’ Share First Single

The Orb will release their 17th album in the spring of 2020.
The Orb’s Alex Paterson and Michael Rendall

The Orb’s Alex Paterson and Michael Rendall

Most artists will be luck to release five or seven albums in their career, but The Orb are outdoing everyone. Alex Paterson, alongside his rotating roster of collaborators over the years, is prepping his 17th album titled Abolition of the Royal Familia. To help push the album, they have released “Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version).”

Paterson made the album with his main writing partner Michael Rendall. However, as one would expect, the LP features a lot of guests: Michael Rendall, Roger Eno, Youth, Steve Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Nick Burton, Violeta Vicci, Gaudi, David Harrow, Roney FM, Sherman, Paul Conboy, Ollie Cripps, Andy Cain, cousin Leyton and Ruby the dog. It is Paterson’s dog that ties this whole thing together, obviously.

The album is in part inspired by an in retrospective protest of the royal family’s historical endorsement of the East India Company’s opium trade, which led to disastrous wars in China and did untold damage to India. "Hawk Kings" is a tribute to Stephen Hawking that Paterson once met at a lecture. He calls the track “a monster of a tune, in a similar mood to ‘Assassin’ and ‘Toxygene’.”

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Abolition of the Royal Familia is out March 27, 2020 via Cooking Vinyl. See the full tracklist below. Pre-order the record here.

01. Daze (Missing & Messed Up Mix)
02. House of Narcotics (Opium Wars Mix)
03. Hawk Kings (Oseberg Buddhas Buttonhole)
04. Honey Moonies (Brain Washed at Area 49 Mix)
05. Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone Version)
06. Afros, Afghans and Angels (Helgö Treasure Chest)
07. Shape Shifters (In Two Parts) (Coffee & Ghost Train Mix)
08. Say Cheese (Siberian Tiger Cookie Mix)
09. Ital Orb (Too Blessed to Be Stressed Mix)
10. The Queen of Hearts (Princess of Clubs Mix)
11. The Weekend It Rained Forever (Oseberg Buddha Mix (The Ravens Have Left the Tower))
12. Slave Till U Die No Matter What U Buy (L’anse Aux Meadows Mix)

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