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Trent Reznor & Atticus Release Full 3 Volume 'Watchmen' Soundtrack

The full three-part soundtrack for HBO's Watchmen is out now.


HBO’s Watchmen ended this past Sunday and people are still trying to sort out the ending, potential strings for another season and the ramifications of acts in the final episode. The score is a big part of what makes the show great, setting the mood and influencing how we perceive actions onscreen. Nine Inch Nails’ and scoring super duo Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross created the score.

The ambitious project was split into three parts to be released over the course of the shows’ progression over the past two months. Now that season one is complete, the entire score is out now.

There is plenty that one could dissect with this score that is powerful enough to live outside of the visual medium. The opening very ominous synth line that has become synonymous with the show itself is a presence that carries the score. There are moments where we hear the 7th cavalry and their speeches about white supremacy. The score can be dark and foreboding and at times upbeat as things get hectic in the show.

Listen to all three of the scores now to immerse yourself back into the strange world of Watchmen in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond. The soundtrack is also available in vinyl.

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