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Pet Shop Boys, Barry & Gibbs, Jean Tonique and Poolside alongside their brothers and sisters in groove are here to make your January a little bit brighter! Do some stretches because you don't want to pull anything once this dance party gets started!

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1. Jean Tonique - dance

"dance" is a mash-up of sorts. Jean Tonique took samples from his excellent Sunny Side Up EP to create three new songs, the result being his Scrambled Eggs EP! Do yourself a favor and pick up both of these EP's on Partyfine now! 

2. C. Da Afro - Do The Dance

"Do The Dance" is the perfect track to introduce a new record label Disco Down. Thumpin' bass, strong piano chords, and female "yeahs" are the right combination to get your boogie on! C. Da Afro always knows the right notes to keep us moving and grooving. 

3. Barry & Gibbs - Move On

Barry & Gibbs just get disco! I get so excited every time I see they have a new release out. "Move On" has a nice French house feel to it, with a slight nod to their contemporaries Daft Punk while still being uniquely their own. Every part of this track will swirl you onto the dancefloor, beach, boat or wherever your feet take you!

4. Nnatn - Love Or Last

"Love Or Last" is like a 7 layer dip. With every turn, another delicious layer unfolds. The song does not give you time to think if you are going to dance, it just pulls you in and makes you part of its rhythm. Check out Nnatn's Tribafunk EP on Sundries now!

5. Birdee & French Toast - It's Important

This song is dancefloor fire! The partnership of Birdee and French Toast is disco magic! I challenge you to sit still after the 1:00 mark because the cascade of funk will take you away. "It's Important" to know that this track is so sexy you might just dance out of your clothes! You have been warned!

6. Poolside - Around The Sun feat. Amo Amo

Thank goodness that Poolside has dropped this gem to introduce the new decade. Time is always screaming past us, and "Around The Sun" is a nice reminder to look up every once in a while, so as not to miss everything! Hopefully, 2020 will bring us a lot more Poolside to enjoy!

7. Flamingo Pier - Tripping Up

"Tripping Up" has all of the breezy warm vibes to make you long for easy summer days. Congas accompanied by juicy synths, gentle brass notes, and a wonderful bass line will put you in a mellow state of mind. Look for Flamingo Pier's new EP on Soundway Records in February.

8. Robert Ouimet - Rainbow's Refunked

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Robert Ouimet is a disco legend. He has been DJ'ing in Montreal clubs since the early 1970s, so if anyone knows disco, it's him! "Rainbow's Refunked" has all the classic disco feel that you would expect from someone so entrenched in the scene's earliest days. Congas, heavy bass and plucky rhythm guitars are always a delicious recipe for a great disco tune!

9. Naajet Spaciale - Gonna Need A Shooting Star

Naajet Spaciale is indeed Ready For Take-off, which just happens to be the name of her first EP! "Gonna Need A Shooting Star" is dancefloor-ready with super sweet female vocals and a driving guitar-based groove. Hailing from Paris, this seasoned DJ is just getting started bringing us this kind of funk and I can't wait to hear what is next!

10. Igor Gonya - Closet Music

Igor Gonya is certainly bringing the heat from his native Russia with his Closet Music EP, which just proves that even in the coldest environments a groove this sexy can be born! Lisztomania Records brings us this fine EP to help shake off the winter chill.

11. Joy Legend - Funk Off

If Bootsy Collins were to lead a 2020 trek through the funkosphere, "Funk Off" would surely be part of the playlist! This Space-age funk is brought to us by Joy Legend on the Fruity Flavor label. Check out the Motherfunker EP. All three tracks are going to make you groove.

12. Rhode & Brown, Tilman - Spencer

"Spencer" is full of handclaps, sexy brass, and sweeping synths that are all here to swirl you around the dancefloor. The marriage of Rhode, Brown, and Tilman is a match made in heaven. The One Grand Jams EP was born in the summer of 2019 but dropped into our laps for some early decade joy. Find this hot EP on RTB Records now!

13. Pet Shop Boys - Monkey Business

Thank god for the genius collaboration of PSB and Stuart Price! Hotspot completes the trilogy of albums that have all been wonderful celebrations of dance music. "Monkey Business" is a full-on celebration of disco culture. It's a wonderful reminder of the freedom that dancing can provide to ease the strain of everyday living. 

14. Shaka Loves You - Disco Weapon 2

Equal parts disco and funk, Glasgow based Shaka Loves You are hitting us hard with "Disco Weapon 2"! This jam is taken from the Love Is True EP and both tracks are cooking! These gentlemen are busy DJ'ing festivals around the world, so make sure to get out and see them if they show up in your neck of the woods!

15. LUXXURY - Our Love Is Real (Extended Version)

When it's time to slow it all down, LUXXURY's "Our Love Is Real" is the ticket. Nu-Disco minimalism at it's finest, this track from the upcoming Moody EP showcases Robin Blake's recent creative explosion. Snuggle up to that special someone and let this track take you where you want to go.

Don't forget to check out the SoundCloud playlist below!

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