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A-Trak, Armand Van Helden Tease Return Of Duck Sauce -- New Music Coming?

Duck Sauce are playing Coachella in 2020 and have teased some new music.

Duck Sauce is back? It would appear that the duo of A-Trak & Armand Van Helden is finally making a return with new music and shows in 2020. While they haven’t confirmed explicitly new music, it would appear as though everything is pointing in that direction.

Yesterday on Twitter, A-Trak teased a new song with a duck emoji caption and tagging Van Helden. A duck is flying through the air over the ocean with a funk house song playing that feels like Duck Sauce. The tune cuts off right before the drop, but the filtered synths, distorted vocals and overall funk make this quite the nice teaser. Armand Van Helden has also been dropping some classic photos with even better looks on his Instagram over the past few months, which would indicate something new is coming.

In addition to the new music tease, they are also playing Coachella 2020 in April, which would indicate much more is on the way. Their music could be timed up for those performances on April 12 & 19.

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Duck Sauce last released an album in 2014 titled Quack, which included hits like “NRG” and “Barbara Streisand.” They released “Big Bad Wolf” in 2011, which cemented their place in the early decade music zeitgeist with "Barbara Streisand" going viral after its release in 2010.

It will be great to see Duck Sauce back in 2020.

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