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Album Review: ATTLAS - Lavender God

ATTLAS releases his debut album on mau5trap with big and beautiful melodies.

Mau5trap has developed into a powerhouse that rivals its owner and namesake deadmau5. At first it was a small outlet for the Canadian’s music and a few artists, but has since developed into a place with consistent output, events and compilations. It seems a long time ago that ATTLAS, real name Jeff Hartford, began his journey with the label. Now he has released his debut album Lavender God and of course it is with mau5trap.

attlas - Lavender God

Album cover art is generally supposed to reflect what you get in the album. If you are doing a synthwave album, you put a bunch of colors like pink, yellow and orange on the front. If you have a rap album, you put yourself on the front. Albums that have the stars should feel like a journey through space and time and that is exactly what Lavender God is.

The LP opens with “Shatter,” which is built around big echoing synths that start this space-age journey. This then leads into the soaring and lush “A Winding Path,” which becomes a common theme throughout this record. It is for lying down with your eyes closed and letting the melodies wash over you like a warm ocean breeze. There are moments when it feels danceable, but this is at-home listening bliss.

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Lavender God is primarily instrumental, but on “Half Light,” Alisa Xayalith adds a hopeful element to the track, while MAYLYN adds a distant and playful feeling to the LP single “Hotel.”

The album title track captures the sound of the mellow, synth led songs that take you back amongst the stars. “A Ray Of Light” bridges a flowing orchestral arrangement into electronic music as synths glide underneath strings and piano.

The album flows seamlessly from start to finish and doesn’t try to do too much or become too long. Largely instrumental, melodic albums have to find the right balance between building out interesting songs, while also not getting lost in one idea for too long. Lavender God finds just the right balance.

Stream the album in full below and get your copy here.

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