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Album Review: Georgia - Seeking Thrills

It is time to celebrate life with this 80's influenced, dancefloor ready album from Georgia.


2020 is off a fantastic start with new music. The second New Music Friday has some big records, like the Lane 8 and now this new album from Georgia, Seeking Thrills.

There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding this album over the past year, helped along by a series of well-timed and curated remixes for her song “About Work The Dancefloor.” Now after two years of teasing the record, “Seeking Thrills,” the record is here and it is damn good fun.

Her music has evolved quite a bit from her glitchy and experimental debut self-titled album. Seeking Thrills keeps that leftfield mentality, but focuses on an 80’s influenced pop with a distinctly modern feel.

The album opens with her single “Started Out” that is built around funky bassline and ushers in the album with a clear nod dancefloor. “About Work The Dancefloor” channels the best of a Robyn track into something fit for Georgia. While it may look like the entire album is top heavy with her singles, don’t worry, there are loads of hits all the way through.

“Never Let You Go” is the fun buoyant pop that has made a resurgence over the past few years. The alternative version at the end adds a little more to the crunchy guitar. “Mellow” switches things up with slumped, slow and growling bass with strange and distant fx echoing around the mix. Shygirl walks down the same path and channels a little of Jorma Taccone in Lonely Island’s classic “Jizz In My Pants” for her verse.

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Distorted electronics and a stuttering beat help carry the cheerful love anthem “I Can’t Wait” about not waiting until the opportunity may pass. Just go ahead and tell them how you feel.

There are a lot of differing sounds and styles on this record. She channels some Grimes-esque punk on “I Feel It” to add a little edge to this album. Her voice often changes in the rhythm and style in which she sings, while matching the instruments crafted underneath.

“Ultimate Sailor” is a time to breathe with a largely instrumental synth track that feels like the closing moments of an 80’s sci-fi TV show. “Rayguns” has the sort of drum work you might expect on an M.I.A. album, but goes above and beyond with grinding synths and fluttering fx. It all fits perfectly together to celebrate life and positivity.

“The Thrill” is exactly that – a thrill that throws you back under Georgia’s spell for one last euphoric and lively pop track. Just as the album opened with a funky bassline, Georgia closes things out with another dose funk on “Honey Dripping Sky,” which evolves from a slow synth track to a funky and distorted record.

Georgia delivers an early contender to pop album of the year and album of the year in general. This album is fun, buoyant and incredibly well produced. It is a celebration of life and with the world falling apart at the seams, it is great to escape and find the joy around you with Georgia.

Stream the album below and get your copy via Domino Records

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