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Album Review: Recondite - Dwell

Recondite starts the decade with a moody and meditative new album 'Dwell.'


Berlin producer Recondite is an artist who has very successfully ridden the wave of melodic techno at its crest, helping to push it into different spaces. He was one of the more consistent producers over the past decade, putting out a new project almost every year. Now to kick off the 2020’s he returns to Ghostly for this album Dwell, following his 2013 record Hinterland on the same label and the fit couldn’t be better.

Dwell swirls and slowly moves over its 11 tracks. The two interludes help to bring about small changes and transitions to this record, but it generally stays on a consistent path. Dwell toes a very fine line between meditative and sleepy. Sometimes it falls into meditative and other times get lost in a melody that isn’t evolving enough.

The album seems to be built around a moody and haunting synth line that has a certain weight to it. It is like getting stuck in a log cabin in the woods as snow falls slowly around you, seemingly without end. The sky is light, but cloud covered, as time passes by and snow falls for hours and hours.

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This is not a record to bang out on the dancefloor – this is a listening record to play on a slow Sunday this winter. It is gloomy and dark, but still has moments where light seems to shine through, whether it is an arpeggiated synth line or some upbeat drums.

Dwell and Hinterland feel close, notably on tracks like “Leafs” from the 2013 LP. They bring with similar styles of melodies and match sonically. Dwelling in the hinterland sounds like a good idea to lose yourself in nature and the space around you. It is moody, serene and meditative. Dwell is for your long days and nights indoors.

Pick up your copy of the album in digital or physical formats here.

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