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At Home With: Rony Seikaly

Words by Rony Seikaly and photos by Rony Seikaly
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Welcome to a new feature here on Magnetic Mag called 'At Home With', where our favorite artists give us a look into their personal lives with various items around their house that have special meaning to them. To kick things off, we invited former NBA star Rony Seikaly. Though sports fans will know him from his time with the Miami Heat, since 2010, he has cemented himself as a credible house music DJ and producer with gigs at Burning Man, Space, Amnesia, and releases on Suara, Saved, Yoshitoshi, and more. On top of that, he started his own label Stride Records, to which his latest EP includes remixes from Nick Curly. 

Words by Rony Seikaly

rony seikaly

Wilson tennis racket: I am totally obsessed with playing tennis, and this is my racquet. I picked up the sport around 6 years ago and fell in love. Learning a sport later in life is definitely more challenging, but that’s what also makes it fun. I try to play as much as I can, even though I sometimes beat up my body. 

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Slalom Skiing: This is my favourite water ski for Slalom Skiing. Pound for pound the most strenuous exercise for 15 mins. Being very tall and with a higher centre of gravity, makes this sport very challenging for me. It takes everything out of me but gives me the best feeling. 

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Garmin watch: This is my watch and I wear it at all times. It keeps track of my sleeping habits, my heart rate, and much other viable information to make sure that I can continue all the activities I put my body through. It tells me if my body is rested or needs more rest as I am a very active person.

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V-Moda Crossfade headphones: My everyday headphones for all-around listening. They are heavier and more sturdy than the DJ'ing headphones that I use. They are an essential part of my day. I am either listening to audiobooks, researching music, or meditating and need them at all times.

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Crestron remote: One of the most important objects in my house. There's always a fight for control of the remote and what we watch. As long as it's either sports or documentaries, I am good to go. Living with my wife and two daughters though, it's always a challenge.

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You can pre-order Rony's new EP here

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