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Claude VonStroke Celebrating 15 Years Of Dirtybird With New Album 'Freaks & Beaks'

2020 is going to be a massive year for Claude VonStroke.
Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke has announced a new album Freaks and Beaks. This is his fourth album as Claude VonStroke and first under his name since 2013. He has released two albums under his Barclay Crenshaw alias. The new album serves to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of his genre-defining label Dirtybird Records.

He has released the first two singles "All My People In The House" and "Youngblood" featuring Wyatt Marshall.

Freaks and Beaks was made with a wide variety of gear. He worked with everything from modular synths to simple drum apps on his iPad. He samples his own voice and those of his two children. Of 130 different ideas, he parred the LP down to 11 tracks.

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This will just be the beginning of the celebration for Dirtybird. Claude will throw two dozen-plus parties, three festivals (including Dirtybird Campout), host his traveling Dirtybird BBQ series in major cities across the US, publish a coffee table book, release a seasonal clothing line, stage art shows, produce a docu series and more. The docu series will take place in six parts, showing the process behind making the album and his life in between. Episode one is out now.

Freaks & Beaks will be released on February 21. An art show and listening party will take place in Los Angeles on February 18 from 6pm to late.

Pre-order the album here, while an album box set and book can be found here.


01. Warming Up The Bass Machines II
02. Freaks Don’t Fail Me Now
03. Flubblebuddy
04. Youngblood feat. Wyatt Marshall
05. Frankie Goes To Bollywood
06. Session A
07. Waddaday feat. ZDS
08. These Notes In This Order
09. All My People In The House
10. Alpine Arpline
11. Birthday Messages

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