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In Conversation: Fehrplay

"I feel like my gut feeling is better..."

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The progressive scene, and all the subgenres that fall under its umbrella, is undergoing a bit of a rebirth. It's always been there and had its core fanbase, but over the past couple of years, its really becoming a prominent force in the club scene. The first person most think of would be Eric Prydz, and for good reason. Over the last decade, his various labels have released some of the biggest tunes in the genre and brought forth a handful of amazing artists, such as Jeremy Olander and Fehrplay. After a shocking move of leaving Pryda friends back in 2013, Fehrplay set out on his own and has since been thriving, having launched his own label, event night, and a live set, as well as crafting his own signature progressive sound. 

I've had the pleasure of knowing Jonas for quite some time, and after almost two years of trying to nail down an interview, we were finally able to after we played an excellent show at Academy Nightclub for Grum's Deep State Rewired tour. This is one of the longer episodes I've done in a while, but perhaps one of the best, as we were able to actually sit across from each other and dive deep into his life, rise to fame, vision for the future, and synthesizers.

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