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Learn To Play The Piano With The ONE Light Keyboard

If you are a producer looking to add the keys to your wheelhouse, the ONE Light Keyboard is worth a look.
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One of the first things you realize when starting to produce music is that knowing the keys is a useful skill for writing songs. Most electronic music producers start making music with no musical ability, no theory, no instruments, just a burning desire to make tracks and a computer.

The primary interface when using most DAWs is a MIDI keyboard. While they are fun to noodle on, you quickly realize that knowing how actually to play the piano would be a game-changer for quality and workflow.

Who has the time for piano lessons these days? With school, jobs, side hustles, and studio time - it's hard just to find time to make tracks. Enter the ONE Light Keyboard.

The ONE Light is a fantastic tool to start learning the keys and also functions as a MIDI keyboard, so you get two for one. The keyboard itself features 61 keys with LED lights to guide beginners along with the music tutorial to get you on your way quickly.

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The keyboard also features two built-in speakers so you can use it on its own right out of the box. The unit has 128 built-in instrument sounds if you want to change things up, but we would recommend starting with the traditional piano to keep things simpler to start with, especially if you are a total newbie to the instrument.

The tutorials/lessons are delivered via the free One Smart Piano iOS/Android App, and for best results you might want to try using a tablet as a smartphone is just too small to see what's happening.

There are a variety of tutorials to get you started, including hand and finger positioning segment, simple compositions, and even a gaming mode that keeps score.

There is also a library of over 4,000+ free variations of LED guided sheet music, or you can buy the latest pop songs and learn to play a piece note by note. The music lesson progresses only when you play the correct piano key.

Summary - The ONE Light Keyboard is a solid way to get yourself started on the piano and learning the basics right out of the box. Nothing will replace getting lessons with a proper instructor, but this is definitely the next best thing. The construction is solid, it doubles as a MIDI keyboard to bring extra value, and if you practice regularly, you will see results pretty quickly.

The company that manufactures the ONE Light Keyboard is Chinese, and the app is still a bit wonky for native English speakers and could be improved upon.

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MSRP $299

More info here at Smart Piano Website.


• 61 light-up keys to guide you start playing in minutes

• 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, and games in the free apps

• Supporting both iOS and Android, phone and tablet

• MIDI output and recording (please refer to user manual for setup guideline)

• 128+ instrument sounds available via the app

• Built-in sustain and optional pedal socket

• Built-in speakers

• Collapsible built-in music stand

• Colors: available in white/gold, black and light pink (pictured below)

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