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Lights Out Exclusive: Freddy K's Essential Record Bag Classics

KEY Vinyl label head gives us a peek into the classic section of his bag

Over the past few years, vinyl has made a massive comeback with record-breaking sales. And although people are rediscovering the magic of wax, in the techno scene, vinyl has never lost its place. So much so, that there are plenty of artists who unfortunately have fallen into the vinyl purist/snob category. That's not to say all everyone is like that. For legendary Italian DJ and Key Vinyl label head Freddy K, there is just simply no other option. You won't see him bashing other methods, he just loves everything about the black plastic. And not just playing it, but also distributing, selling, and promoting it as well. Add to that his lengthy career and regular gigs at Berghain, De School, Bassiani, Reaktor, Dekmantel, Soenda, Forte, Dimensions, it's safe to say he's got a record bag filled with rare and obscure gems. Forever being the curious beings we are, we asked Freddy about some of the most sacred records he's kept in his bag since the beginning. 

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JB³ (Joey Beltram) "Believer" [Novamute]
Often in my bag, Joey Beltram as his best... groovy and hypnotic. A perfect track for every moment of the techno set.

Paul Rutherford "Get Real" [Island]
One of my favorite tracks of ever, always it makes me so emotional..
playing after a long set. Everything is perfect on this track !!

Ecstasy Club "Jesus Love The Acid" [Swordfish]
The perfect Acid House track, sick and perverted!

Parris Mitchell "Work-It (Remix)" [Dance Mania]
All the best of Dance Mania into one track... Chicago ghetto forever !!

Dave Clarke "The Storm" (Red Three) [Bush Records]
A classic from the Baron of techno, always in my bag.

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Anthony Rother "Back Home" [Datapunk]
At the right moment, it can be a track that you will never forget, never...happy and emotional!

DBX (Daniel Bell) "Baby Judy" on [Accelerate]
One of the sexiest and groovy tracks ever, perfect for after-hours vibes!

Dopplereffekt "Plastiphilia" on [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
Sick and dirty... exactly like I love!

Daft Punk "Rock 'n Roll" on [Soma Records] 
The entire LP "Homework" is pure gold. Always but literally always I have this album on my bag...and this track is only fire!

Aphex Twin "Polynomial C" on [R&S] 
For my life... it is the most beautiful track ever. I have always to cry when I listen to it. Closing track with tears.

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