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Lights Out Premiere: ESA - Burial 10 [Negative Gain]

Hard hitting industrial techno
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Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive video premiere from rhythmic industrial artist ESA. Taken from his forthcoming album, which you can pre-order here, 'Burial 10' is unrelenting industrial techno, filled to the brim with aggression from start to finish. A smashing kick, tough bassline, and searing synth lines create a weapon of a tune. The video does a great job of reflecting this and was inspired by films such as Midsommar and Wickerman with the Old English style horror.

ESA had this to say about the video:

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Video credits

Myles Fearnley: DP / Editing / Co-Director 
Jamie Blacker: Writer / Producer / Director
Cast: Kidnapee: J Blacker Kidnapper
Driver: Marcos Ramirez
Kidnapper Passenger: Daniel Hartley
Ritual Partaker Child: Nathan Fairchild-Savage
Ritual Partaker 1: Beckie Withe
Ritual Partaker 2: Hannah Shaw-Lumb
Ritual Partaker 3: Kay Savage
Ritual Partaker 4: Mabh Savage

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