Lights Out Premiere: Under Black Helmet - Radiate [KR/LF Records]

A menacing and pulsing techno tool
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Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from techno talent Under Black Helmet. Taken from his forthcoming debut album 'It Emerged From Nothing', 'Radiate' is a driving techno tool filled with rave energy. Radiate begins with a massive thumping kick drum and scratchy percussion, working its way to a break which then introduces a menacing and pulsing bassline that adds serious drive to the track. As things progress, percussion intensifies as an eerie pad weaves throughout the soundscape, creating an intense atmosphere suited perfectly for a warehouse or club. Radiate will be available on January 29th in vinyl and digital formats. 

Track: Radiate

Artist: Under Black Helmet

Label: KR/LF Records

Format: Vinyl & digital

Release Date: 1-29-20

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