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Moby Announces New Album 'All Visible Objects' With Profits Going To Charity

All profits from the Moby album will be donated to a slew of charities benefiting animals, civil rights and the environment.

Moby has announced his new album All Visible Objects. To help push the album, he has released a new single “Power Is Taken” featuring D.H. Peligro of The Dead Kennedys.

The single is an urgent look at the way the world is structured around us, “we who hate oppression must fight against the oppressors, power is not shared, power is taken,” exclaims Peligro as with frenetic and 90’s rave synths adds a sense of immediacy to the problem. The video provides a dystopia view of the world around us.

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All of Moby’s profits from All Visible Objects will be donated to the following charities: Brighter Green, Mercy For Animals, Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion, the ACLU, Animal Equality, the Humane League, Physicians Committee, International Anti-Poaching Foundation, Indivisible Project and the Good Food Institute.

All Visible Objects will be released on March 6.

Moby – All Visible Objects Tracklist:

1) Morningside (Vocals - Apollo Jane)
2) My Only Love (Vocals - Mindy Jones) [Roxy Music cover]
3) Refuge (Vocals - Linton Kwesi Johnson)
4) One Last Time (Vocals - Moby & Apollo Jane)
5) Power is Taken (Vocals - DH Pelligro & Boogie)
6) Rise Up in Love (Vocals - Apollo Jane)
7) Forever (Vocals – Moby)
8) Too Much Change (Vocals - Apollo Jane)
9) Separation
10) Tecie
11) All Visible Objects

Moby All Visible Objects

Cover Art

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