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NAMM 2020: Pioneer DJ Announces DJM-V10 Mixer

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Today, Pioneer DJ has announced its new flagship DJ mixer, the DJM-V10. Using the foundation Pioneer has built over the past decades with DJ mixers, the V10 has been designed from scratch to be the ultimate solution for the modern DJ and performer. Taking cues from mixers like the Xone 96 and Model1, the V-10 has 6-channels, a 4-band EQ (a first for Pioneer), adjustable filter resonance, a compressor for adding weight to tracks that need a bit of juice, new fx, routing capabilities, MIDI clock out, and a new routing section for better use of external effects. Also making its way to the unit is the 3-band isolator, which is something they've not had on mixers for years. 


It's been quite some time since Pioneer's NXS2 mixer was released, and with more and more artists incorporating external gear and creating hybrid setups, Pioneer was falling behind with their technology. Based on the name, and this is purely speculation, we might even see smaller versions in the future. The DJM-V10 MSRP is $3199. Check out the intro video below, and click here for more information.

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