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Nicolas Jaar Announces New Against All Logic Album, Drops New A.A.L EP Featuring FKA twigs

Nicolas Jaar is looking a bit different these days...
Against All Logic Military Man With Cellphone

Against All Logic got buff

Nicolas Jaar has released a new Against All Logic EP titled Illusions of Shameless Abundance that features Lydia Lunch, FKA twigs & Estado Unido. In addition to the new music, he is priming us for an A.A.L album coming next week on February 7 titled 2017-2019.

Let’s address the elephant in the room before we get to the music. When announcing the EP earlier this week, he asked for people to use “any picture of a military man holding a cellphone” when visualizing A.A.L. Since that is such a ludicrous request, I feel obliged to do that.

Let’s move to the music and the EP. It opens with the title track, which builds as a quirky drum track that starts, stops and distorts within itself like you are getting pulled into a black hole. Then it keeps many of the same sonic themes on the slow-burning “Alucinao” featuring FKA twigs & Estado Unido. It uses much of the same sort of drums and gritty distortion that contrasts the gentle beauty of the processed vocals.

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This won’t be the last of A.A.L that we will see soon. He has announced a new album 2017-2019, which matches the title of his 2018 LP 2012-2017.

See the full tracklist below that features Lydia Lunch again.

2017-2019 Tracklist:

01 Fantasy
02 If Loving You Is Wrong
03 With an Addict
04 If You Can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard [ft. Lydia Lunch]
05 Alarm
06 Deeeeeeefers
07 Faith
08 Penny
09 You (Forever)

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