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Phil Moffa Drops Two New Meditative Albums Perfect For New Year's Day

Five hours of music from Phil Moffa to help make it through the day.
Phil Moffa

Are you hurting today? You wonder why you took those extra shots and drank an extra bottle of champagne on your own? It was the right idea at the time. Most music will make your pounding head, pound even more, so is the time to dive right into some ambient records. Phil Moffa is here to help with two, two and a half hour albums (five hours in total for those who are incapable of doing math now) out today.

There are two albums that take on slightly different ideas. The first, Meditations For Peace, is just that. It is calm, soothing and peaceful. Long, flowing pads and melodies swirl around each other or bath in a still light to let wash over your body.

Phil Moffa Meditations For Peace

Meditations For Peace Cover Art

1. Meditations For Peace:

“I came up with the idea for this collection after getting home from the memorial held for David Mancuso in February, 2017,” Moffa explains. “I thought about his message, the therapeutic power of music, and bringing people together through sound and environment. I realized the importance of making and playing music with intent, and I was incredibly moved by what I experienced that night and at The Loft the times that I've been.”

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It may lull you back to sleep or allow you to clear your head for meditative thoughts. You do what you want with this palette cleanser.

2. Pieces For Painting:

The second, Pieces For Painting, is a little more abrasive sounding. It combines noise, drone and some ambient electronica. It includes noises of him dropping items, dissonant beats, atonal melodies and grinding sounds.

Phil Moffa Pieces For Painting

Pieces For Painting Cover Art

“Speaking to my painter friends over the years helped me to realize this project," explains Moffa. "These are pieces I imagine would be interesting to have on in your art studio while you work.”

It feels a bit like what you would hear at a modern art museum exhibit as the twisted songs morph into different figures. 

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