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Playlist: Dennis Quin's Top 10 Rhythmic Tracks For Dancefloor Impact

Dennis to give us a look into his secret stash of rhythmic tracks that have maximum dancefloor impact.

As DJs, there is always a slew of tracks at our disposal that we know, when played at the right time, will set fire to the dancefloor like no other. They could be tracks with huge kick drums, soaring vocals, or massive basslines. For Dennis Quin, he's all about the groove. We asked Dennis to give us a look into his secret stash of rhythmic tracks that have maximum dancefloor impact. 


1. Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham ft. Troy Denari - You’re In My System (Dennis Quin Club Mix) [Ibadan Records]

Sorry, not sorry: Just had to put my remix on the number 1 spot;) Reworked this all-time classic into an official remix and the club mix goes off every time. Such an honour to have remixed this ultimate House record into a 2019 banging Club version.

2. Edwin Oosterwal - Elasticity [Rejected]

I’ve been playing this huge track of my fellow Dutchman Edwin Oosterwal on every festival for over 2 years now, that simple percussion / tribal kind of hook is so effective at peak hours in my sets. Timeless banger!

3. Shadow Child - Get Busy [Hot Creations]

I really like the rawness in combination with the synth melody, played it in my set quite often and it goes off every time I play this tune.

4. Ralphi Rosario Presents Energy Factor - All Right Now! (Extended ‘Glee Club’ Version)

A true banger from 1993 that you can easily play in today’s sets. Reminds me of these Dutch Club nights in the Waakzaamheid and Club iT in Amsterdam

5. The Angry Kids - Lullaby (The The Martinez Brothers Dub) [London Fashion District 5]

Minimalistic but effective vibes in a late-night set, loving the catchy percussion elements that will keep you hooked on this vibe after the long break.

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6. Cromby - Psychoactive Strawberries [Unknown To The Unknown]

I generally love all that comes out on DJ Haus’s imprint UTTU, but this is my jam for my peak time sets of last year. Repetitive warm 303 baselines going on with the edgy hats and all elements that involve nicely

7. Harry Romero - Retroversy (Original Mix) [Circus Recordings]

One of a kind banger with that dangerous flanged / tweaked synth/percussion hook. Works like a rocket on the dance floor

8. Lando - Octagon [Hypercolour]

Heard this track last February and got hooked on the bells-hook, very effective and warm, loving it.

9. Jark Prongo - Complete Control [Fresh Fruit]

When I was 15 years old way back in the Year 1993 the Dutch sound of ZKI & Dobre (aka The Good Men and now known as Chocolate Puma) made me fall in love with this specific sound, Complete Control has got it all, the 909 toms in combination with the chords, still a winner!

10. Andrea Di Rocco - The Past Present [IWWmusic]

First discovered while watching Kenny Dope, took me a while to find this track, I actually made an edit of it for my sets only but I still love this original as well.  

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