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IFS018 Artwork

IFS018 Artwork

DPRTNDRP - Faya Blazin (IFS018)

It's nothing but weight with this release from DPRTNDRP, which is forthcoming February 7, 2020 on both wax and digital. "Faya Blazin" is a dark concoction of militant kicks and a eerie, haunting sub bass that bleeps along with ferocity. The track's intro is slow at first with a few atmospheric high hats mixed in with various creepy sound textures. Once the kick drum chugs into motion theres definitely an urgency to the track. The drop is murky, almost mechanical in the way it sounds. The sub crunches through you with such force. Nothing but sub bass pressure from DPRTNDRP. Have a listen to the entire release below and don't forget to purchase here. Out to Infernal Sounds every time, yet another first class release. 

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