We all know the aching of a love not requited. When a budding intimacy comes crashing back down to earth in shambles, picking up the pieces of one's pride at having feelings spurned is particularly rich but nigh indescribable. Well, unless you're Andrej Laseech, in which case you invite Detroit vocalist Javonntte to sing directly to your soul.  

Honestly, words can't do a better job than the song itself, so listen to the exceptional Marcel Vogel and Tim Jules remix below and cop the More Than Friends EP fast off of Lumberjacks In Hell before it's gone for good. 

I remember very clearly the first time I heard this song. Marcel was here in Tokyo spinning to a dark and smoky dance floor when, at the tail end of his set, he snuck in this remix in and turned the energy instantly. What was a driving, stomping techno set quickly took a left turn into wistfully sublime territory. It was as if the whole set was to build up to this moment; putting all the energy into one laser guided shot to the soul. Few songs have this accuracy; this one does.

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