Detroit native Pontchartrain is an exceptional producer. His works are symphonic in their complexity, unfolding over subsequent listenings in ways that continually delight. Individually, his tracks have a rolling, building feeling to them, often reaching crescendos that have a distinctly introspective type of elation. This techno-tinged essence brings an other-worldly feel, filling in the unidentified spaces and leaving an end result that feels full yet free in the same breath.  

One bit of good news for this dreary month of January is that Pontchartrain is seeing his first ever release on Razor-N-Tape drop in our laps. His Love Is Madness EP is Detroit to it's core, wrapping deep beats in wondrous wisps of soul, all retaining enough warmth to warm you to your bones. My personal favorite off the release is his "Love Is Madness Dub," which sees a pounding kick drum adorned with hooks, driven through a percussive wintry landscape. Listen below, and cop the record before it drops on January 17th on Juno!

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