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Strictly 140 Guest Mix 046 - Taiko

These short, brief articles will showcase a little bit about the artist featured on the various Strictly 140 Guest Mixes, this one includes one of the hottest producers in the scene right now, Taiko.

We are delighted to have Taiko deliver us a very special guest mix for the 46th installment of the Strictly 140 guest mix series. Taiko is someone I've always revered within the 140 scene. He's released some of the most prolific dubstep tracks on labels such as Subaltern Records, White Peach Records & Albion Collective. He doesn't have a significant style -- he can produce various genres perfectly. He can work in dark, experimental and industrial dubstep, to warmer, melodic, atmospheric dubstep. He can hit every texture and has a very deep bag of skills when it comes to sound design. We are humbled to have him included in our mix series.



With this guest mix Taiko has included all kinds of specials, dubs and forthcoming music from himself and other equally skilled producers. Have a listen below. Straight fire from start to finish.


Recommended Articles

1. RDG - The Hand Above (dub) 
2. Taiko - Spent (dub)
3. Reso - Damocles
4. Taiko - Miners
5. Childish Gambino - This Is America (Taiko Bootleg) (dub)
6. Cartridge & Phossa - Crystalize
7. Dubape - Trapped
8. Mr.K - Rust (dub)
9. Taiko - Lawless (dub)
10. Glume & The Greys - IOM (dub)
11. Hebbe - Quiche (dub)
12. Madvillain - Meatgrinder (Taiko Bootleg) (dub)
13. Phossa - Duggz (dub)
14. Taiko - Pen To Paper (dub)
15. AxH & Dayzero - Lightahs Ready
16. Dubape & Scooped - Breathe (dub)
17. Opus - Day & Age (dub)

Look out for the next guest mix coming from someone very special.

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