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Trampa Creates A "Ruckus" With Marauda (Previously Mastadon)

The two producers finally team up for a hard-hitting single on Never Say Die's Black Label.


Trampa teamed up with Marauda (previously Mastadon) for a massive collaboration on Never Say Die’s Black Label imprint, out today. 

As one of Trampa’s biggest fans, seeing Marauda finally collaborate on a track with his idol is pretty surreal, and you can’t help but feel excited for him. you can definitely hear the excitement in the track, too. While the two have never been in the same room together, Trampa hailing from the UK and Marauda from Australia, the chemistry is still apparent throughout “Ruckus,” a hard-hitting, face-melting collab for the ages.

Trampa press shot provided by NSD


Trampa has long been a staple of the Never Say Die family, releasing consistently for nearly a decade and working with some of the biggest names in the game, including Eptic, Trollphace, SKiSM, Zomboy, and more. Known for his distinctly aggressive, dangerous sound, his relentless style has earned him an exclusive signing with the label and support from DJs and fans the world over.

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Marauda has only recently been making waves in the scene, but with good reason. As Mastadon, he made his label debut in 2017 with Malignant when he was just 16, and has been turning heads ever since. The budding producer based in Sydney underwent a major rebrand last year, but his tunes have remained indisputably heavy. He has long spoken about his admiration for Trampa in interviews and tweets, so seeing them finally collaborate on a track together is a dream come true, both for Marauda and his fans.

An ominous introduction sets the scene for imminent destruction, slowly building in suspense and anticipation with every foreboding note. Dark, cinematic, and exuding power, you can’t help but hold your breathe right before the drop.

Of course, the drop is the star of the track, delivering pounding basslines and fusing both producer’s signature styles together seamlessly. Loud, brazen, and unapologetic, this is heavy dubstep at its finest. Between drops, Trampa and Marauda again utilize silence to further the suspense built throughout, and then the second drop hits, annihilating everything in its path.

Despite being chaotic and frenzied, the track stands out for its clean production amidst the artillery of heavy bass. Truly a match made in heaven, “Ruckus” is not for the faint of heart. 

Buy/stream "Ruckus" here, out now on NSD: Black Label

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