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Ulla (FKA Ulla Straus) Releases New Ambient Album 'Tumbling Towards A Wall'

Get lost in the new Ulla album via Experiences Ltd.
Ulla Strauss Tumbling Towards A Wall

If you aren’t feeling it this Monday, we have an album for you. Ulla Strauss has released a new album as Ulla titled Tumbling Towards A Wall that straddles the line of blissful ambient with touches of experimental compositions.

At eight tracks, the LP is concise and doesn’t get lost is overly long sections of pads, white noise or bland piano melodies. It is lively and sonically diverse, oscillating between piano, strings, nature sounds and hazy, soft pads.

It starts with the fuzzy “New Poem” with soft bleeps echoing in the background. This continues seamlessly into the next record “Leaves and Wish” as elements start to morph slightly.

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“Something I Can’t Show” is built around deep percussion that feels as though it is distorted in water as a waterfall gently falls in the background with birds chirping in the background.

The album continues its evolution with wavering choral chants on “Stunned Suddenly” and then finally concludes with the gentle piano composition “i Think My Tears Have Been Good.”

The album isn't available on streaming services now, but it can be found and streamed in full on the boomkat website. Stream one of the songs above via Experiences Ltd.

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