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Upgrade Your Luggage With NOMATIC's New Carry On Classic and Pro Models

NOMATIC has once again proven they are one of the more innovative companies in the luggage game with these two new carry on models.

NOMATIC has been on our radar for a little while now, and we are big fans of their backpacks and travel packs, as are many professional DJs on the world circuit right now like Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Jazzy Jeff and many others.

Louie Vega rocking the NOMATIC Travel Pack

Louie Vega rocking the NOMATIC Travel Pack

With the hardcore traveler in mind, they have created a brand that is dedicated to making traveling easier and more efficient for those banking serious air time domestically or abroad. We recently got ahold of their new carry-on models, the Classic and Pro, and got the chance to test them over the holidays - the most brutal time to travel.

These bags delivered on all counts, from durability to functionality, and are another excellent addition to their product portfolio. The design team at NOMATIC has once again proven they are some of the best in the business.

Let's dive into both so you can see which one might be best for your travels.

The Nomatic Carry On Classic

The Nomatic Carry On Classic

The NOMATIC Carry On Classic

At first, this looks like any other black carry on bag with its standard black colorway, four wheels and telescoping handle. The secrets are in the details like construction, smooth hardware, and innovative features that deliver a premium and seamless experience for travelers.

Let's start with the construction, which is backed up by their lifetime warranty. As you can see in the video above, the designers chose materials that could take an extreme beating and take on just about any type of travel. Both bags use Makrolon Polycarbonate for the outer shell, which is the strongest in its class, so good luck cracking it. This durability brings peace of mind if and when you have to check the bag due to full flights or smaller aircraft.

The hardware is also something you will notice immediately, from the smooth Hinomoto Wheels to the buttery zippers to the internal magnetic compression straps. The bag rolls effortlessly on all four wheels or tilted up on two; it's a breeze to get through congested airports. The telescoping handle is also very well built and works great to slide on extra bags that have loops built-in for combined carry.

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Where this bag shines for us is in the internal design that works with NOMATIC's compression bags (sold separately) and the ingenious magnetic straps and folding compression panels that can be modified for your needs. If you pack efficiently and use the compression bags along with rolling your clothing (classic traveler hack), you can easily get 5-7 days in this bag, or more if you are using merino shirts, socks and underwear that allow for multiple wears.

Summary - This is an excellent bag for serious business travelers that demand quality and efficiency in a carry on bag. The Carry-On Classic is great for trips that range from 3-6 days and is sized for both domestic and international carry on standards (aside from small planes).

MSRP $400

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 12.27.10 PM

The NOMATIC Carry-on Pro

The Carry-On Pro brings an added layer of efficiency for those looking for something even more sleek and streamlined. The Pro features all the amazing construction, hardware, and innovation of the Classic but adds a unique feature that laptop and tech junkies will love.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 12.26.53 PM

In the front of the bag, they have added a locking compartment that fits a padded shoulder bag for your laptop, cords, tablets, chargers, and other items. So now, you can easily slip your computer into your roller bag in one seamless unit and roll through the airport without another backpack or laptop bag in tow.

Once you get your destination, you can use the shoulder bag as your day bag for transporting your laptop to meetings and about town. If you end up needing to use the extra 10 liters of space in the tech compartment on your return trip, the day bag features a loop that will easily slide over the Pro's telescoping handle.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 12.27.26 PM

The one caveat with the Pro model is that you are giving up a decent chunk of space for the convenience of the tech compartment. We were able to pack a five day trip into the bag, but that was being very minimal - most travelers will get 2-3 days from this bag. The Pro does include the magnetic compression divider that can be modified to fit your needs (pic right).

Summary - If you are a business traveler that makes frequent short trips and likes to keep things as efficient as possible, you have found your dream bag. The ability to roll with one bag through the airport without a backpack or shoulder bag in tow is an absolute godsend for the constant road warrior.

MSRP $550

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