February can mean so many things to so many people. It could be freezing where you are and begs the promise of a tropical vacation or maybe you already live in paradise and long for a ski vacation! No matter what your situation may be, February's Disco and Funk releases are perfect for any situation and the choices were plentiful to choose from! If you are just chilling at home like me, all of these tracks will transport you wherever it is you want to go! 

Duck Sauce is back, Little Dragon is throwing another curve into their storied musical history, Hotmood, George Kelly and Andre Espeut, and others are all here to make February hot, even if it's cold outside! Slap on some sunnies and get ready for this Disco/Funk heatwave!

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1. Sauco - Catch My Eye

Conga your way straight to the dancefloor with "Catch My Eye." Funky synth bass keeps the momentum going alongside a little piano to keep the feeling light. There is definitely a little 80s nostalgia running through this track. Living in the Canary Islands on Maspalomas, all of that sunshine and water are definitely informing Sauco's sound in the best way.

2. Duck Sauce - Smiley Face

Armand Van Helden and A-Trak are back at it after a six-year hiatus with the disco banger "Smiley Face." Both artists are best known for their work in the techno world, but when they come together, it's a pure disco explosion! The gloriously soulful choir of female vocals elevate this jam straight to church levels. I am not sure I can handle a whole LP of music this great, but I am hopeful we will be able to give it a try! "Make Someone Feel Happy Today"...Preach!

3. Little Dragon - Hold On 

Little Dragon continues to surprise and evolve with their sound. "Hold On" is delightfully funky, with a definite nod to 80s RnB. Yukimi Nagano proves they won't be pigeon-holed into any particular electronic genre. Look out for their new LP New Me, Same Us on Ninja Tune March 27, 2020.

4. Thoma Cher - Dancer

The Holiday Holiday EP is the first for Thoma Cher on Whisky Disco and you will not be disappointed by all three tracks. "Dancer" is a slow burn, with the lyrics not kicking in until the 2:08 mark, but it's well worth the wait. This jam is going to light your boogie fire and you aren't going to want to put it out!

5. Andy Bach - Feel Free

Sweet, simple disco, that is what Andy Bach's "Feel Free" is. It's summertime in 2:46. Sweeping swirling strings layered over a nice funk bassline create a pure disco backbone. Bach has been DJ'ing since the mid-'90s, so to call his style malleable would be an understatement. I am just glad that he is finding his joy in disco right now!

6.  HP Vince - Woman Fantasy

"Woman Fantasy" has a bit of a 70s soundtrack vibe to it. It's fun and catchy but it doesn't take itself too seriously. Mango Sounds are bringing us the latest HP Vince EP of the same title. Vincent Kriek has been producing music since the 90s and thrillingly the quality is just as exceptional as it has always been.

7. BRWN LUXXRY - Chaka

BRWN LUXXRY is bringing us an unadulterated love letter to the genius that is Chaka Khan with "Chaka." This track is a discofied version of the classic "I'm Every Woman," editing the original to perfection for the modern-day listener. Turn this up loud during your next party!

8. George Kelly feat. Andre Espeut - Late At Night

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"Late At Night" uses the essential music from GQ's "Disco Nights (Rock-Freak)," but with all new lyrics, making this classic sound utterly their own. Andre Espeut could sing the phone book and make it sound sexy and George Kelly's instrumentation adds a funky jazzy vibe. This is how you make a track your own while still honoring the brilliance of the original.

9. Castle Queenside - Groove Me Right

Castle Queenside are a couple of busy guys right now between this month's It Ain't Easy EP on Mango Sounds and Don't Want Ya EP on Sundries. It's almost impossible to pick the best track of the four, but "Groove Me Right" just has a sex appeal that shone through. This track sounds like you are at a party where everyone is beautiful and I want to be there!

10. Fran Deeper & Rayko - Desestabilidad (Alex Arcocha Remix)

It's unlikely that you will break a sweat dancing to Alex Arcocha's remix of Fran Deeper and Rayko's "Desestabilidad," but it will light the fire for wherever your night is going! Rayko has been a fixture of the disco scene since 2008. This track appears on Fran Deeper's Spa In Disco label but could have easily appeared on Rayko's Rare Wiri label as well. No matter where you find it, this track will spark up the romance in your life!

11. Hotmood - Don't Brake It

Like all Hotmood songs, I wish "Don't Brake It" was a few minutes longer...it's just that good! Pure retro disco at it's finest, you won't want this soon to be classic to stop! 2:28 is just a tease, so make sure to check out more of Hotmood's catalog over on SoundCloud now!

12. Patawawa - Just Not With You

Hot synths, funky bass, and super sexy vocals usher a very welcome return to the chart for Patawawa! A break-up song can still be fun and funky, and Patawawa proves they are up to the task. "Just Not With You" is a pure empowerment anthem with a groove too!

13. Kraak & Smaak - Don't Want This To Be Over feat. Satchmode (Jean Tonique Remix)

When I wrote about the original version of this track in August 2019, I wasn't anticipating Jean Tonique's sexy sister remix for 2020! Tonique's take adds a deeper bass groove and adds a dreamy quality that is perfect for swaying in a warm breeze. Enjoy letting this jam wash over you!

14. Never Dull - Pleasure

Never Dull is bringing soul to the disco with "Pleasure". Alberto De Santiago is a relative newcomer to the disco scene but has been proving since 2017 why he belongs amongst the greats. Silky smooth vocals will draw you into the soundscape that drives this jam and keep you begging for more.

15. Sweatson Klank - Kiss in the Shadows

"Kiss In The Shadows" sounds like the music that would be playing if you fell asleep staring at a disco ball. Equal parts disco, soul, jazz, and a little easy listening, this track is perfect for watching the sunset or the sunrise...you choose! 

Honorable Mention: Pool - Still On The Run

Hamburg based band Pool has been around for about a decade now, but their most recent work is heavily disco based, so it's about time we get to know them! "Still on The Run" is getting a SoundCloud re-release this February and will give you an excuse to go back and listen to previous disco-laden goodness from this band. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Make sure to check out the SoundCloud playlist below! 

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