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Album Review: COIN - Dreamland

American indie-rock trio release their new album 'Dreamland,' a blend of their life on the road for the past two years.

COIN are an American indie rock trio from Nashville, though their sound is far from the twangy country and Americana sounds that permeate the city. The group got their start with two EPs in 2012 and 2013, but really made an impression with their debut self-titled album in 2015. They have gone on to become indie-rock darlings, combining 80’s-styled synths and a knack for big hooks. That sound comes together today on their new album Dreamland.

As COIN has done in the past, they rely on anthemic, festival-friendly indie rock. This isn’t some slow, acoustic meditation on the human condition, but rather a celebration of life, love and family.

The LP starts feverishly with “Into My Arms” that pleads for some lover to “Get out of my head and into my arms.” Getting into his arms is a common theme on this album as he asks someone to “get right back into my arms” on the subdued “Lately III.” The big guitar licks are often accompanied by big synths like on “I Want It All.”

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Though the album is best when looking at the hooks, but there are songs that offer a little different perspective. We get a full dose of that on the breezy, stepping indie-pop song “Never Change,” which leads into the final few songs of the album that are more introspective and subdued.

The album is an amalgamation of their life over the past two years, where they were seemingly on the road all of the time touring. That lack of stability is explored on “Cemetery.” Lead singer Chase Lawrence described the feeling that channeled the song to Flaunt, “We had just come off of our first headlining tour. I spent two months staring at a life-size tombstone (a set prop from our album cover). I had never been away from my family for such a long period of time. Walking through my front door was surreal.”

The process of recording on the road was explained by Lawrence, “from Nashville to Seoul to London to Los Angeles, we recorded everywhere but a studio. For the past two years, we made this album in green rooms, bedrooms, airplanes and buses. ‘Dreamland’ is a patchwork quilt of everywhere we’ve been – a sonic journal of orchestras, out of tune guitars, church choirs and iPhone voice memos.”

Dreamland is out now. Stream it below and grab a copy here.

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