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Album Review: Spencer Brown - Stream Of Consciousness [Anjunabeats]

Spencer Brown has released his new album Stream Of Consciousness. As the title would suggest, there aren’t clearly defined lines between the songs as they flow into one another in a generally organized way, but it also flows musically in different and intriguing ways. It is its own self-contained mix album with entirely new original music from Spencer Brown.

The album took 329 iterations to get just right where he did all of the mixes himself. It was always designed to be one mix and that can be heard in how well the album blends together.

The project starts with the gentle “SF To Berlin” featuring Ben Bohmer and its fluttering synth line. “Pursuance” combines the best of what you get with Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats with beautiful melodies and deep, growling bass lines. “Foggy August” is one of the tranciest tracks on the album with a melody that gets stuck in your head.

Brown has taken on an attribute of Eric Prydz, releasing songs as their fan-named ID name, including “LA ID."

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The album isn’t just a bunch of instrumentals though. “Lose You” adds an uncredited vocal for an even bigger hook, while “Chance On Us” brings a little different type of bass line and the vocals help this track soar.

The album gets into the deeper and mellower territory towards the end with chugging, repetitive and hypnotic “Donna” and the finale “Womaa.”

Stream the album in full now, as it deserves to be heard in one sitting. This isn’t a project that works well cut up into various tracks for playlists. It is cohesive and coherent from start to finish, while still keeping you on your toes like a stream consciousness. If you are still struggling after the Super Bowl, this album should help. 

He is also heading on tour this winter and spring so get your tickets here.

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