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Andrew Weatherall's Family Releases Statement: "Please Do What He Would Have Wanted.. Above All Pushing Boundaries"

Pioneering DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall died yesterday, February 17.
Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall

Music has been mourning the death of Andrew Weatherall, who died yesterday at the age of 56. His impact on 80’s and 90’s UK culture, electronic music and a wider trend of blending the lines between musical genres cannot be overstated. His family released a statement today, thanking everyone for their support and kind wishes.

“Lizzie, Bob and Ian would like to thank everybody quite literally everywhere for their lovely messages and tributes to Andrew. We know what a special person he was and are overwhelmed at the number of people who knew this too,” says the family, “and to hear their stories and how he influenced them is a real joy at such a raw and dreadful time. Please do what he would have wanted… creating, listening, dancing, but above all pushing boundaries."

Keep doing just that in his honor.

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