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Brexit Shambles: EU Artists May Need Tier 5 Visa To Enter UK In 2021

In a not so shocking about face by the Tory government, EU musicians may need to get a Tier 5 visa once the UK leaves this December.

Brexit has been shambolic from the start, but it is only going to get worse as Britain actually goes through the process of leaving the European Union. It is going to be bad for artists as well with new visa requirements for EU artists who want to enter the UK.

Now EU DJs and artists will need a Tier 5 visa once the UK officially breaks away from the European Union. Announced on Tuesday in a policy paper, this will be a requirement once the UK finishes its transition into isolation in December.

According to Politico, sports players and artists will be subject to the same rules for other non-EU peers to perform in the UK. Once the UK leaves in December, artists will need the Tier 5 visa to perform in the U.K., take part in competitions or auditions, perform live, participate in promotional activities, attend workshops, give talks about their work, and take part in cultural events or festivals.

A Tier 5 visa costs up to £244 and requires sponsorship from someone in the UK. The visas last between 12 and 24 months.

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In the past, various Tory ministers and politicians have assured artists that they would be given visa waivers for freedom of movement in their work. However, they have backtracked on this once again. 

There may be the potential to skip out on the visa for an "innovator."

As outlined in the paper, "We will not be creating a dedicated route for self-employed people. We recognize that there are several professions where there is a heavy reliance on freelance workers. They will continue to be able to enter the UK under the innovator route and will in due course be able to benefit from the proposed unsponsored route. The UK already attracts world class artists, entertainers and musicians and we will continue to do so in the future. The UK’s existing rules permit artists, entertainers and musicians to perform at events and take part in competitions and auditions for up to six months. They can receive payment for appearances at certain festivals or for up to a month for a specific engagement, without the need for formal sponsorship or a work visa."

However other notes show that there are now requirements for visas for those with skills. 

"From January 2021, the job will need to be at a required skill level of RQF3 or above (equivalent to A level). They’ll also need to be able to speak English and pass criminality checks. The minimum salary threshold will be reduced to £25,600," explains the Fact sheet.

"If a person earns less than this - but no less than £20,480 - they may still be able to apply by ‘trading’ points on specific characteristics against their salary. For example, if they have a job offer in a shortage occupation or have a PhD relevant to the job."

The information may change again, so stay tuned as this all unravels.

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