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Discogs Launching Weekly Top 40 Albums Chart

Now see the best selling vinyl, cassettes and CDs on Discogs each week.
Discogs Bag Vinyl

Discogs, the online platform where vinyl addicts spend their kid’s college money, has announced they have launched a weekly top 40 albums chart.

The chart will aggregate the most collected records of the past week pulling from data of the over 7 million active users in the Discogs database. The chart will track global music consumption on the platform.

"We're excited to share this fresh look at music consumption unique to the Discogs platform and our data,” remarked Jeffrey Smith, Director of Communications and Partnerships in a statement. “The new Top 40 creates a global look at what the Discogs Community is currently adding to Collection while giving music fans a more human sense of discovery and the music industry a broader sense of physical demand."

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This will be one of the first charts that is dedicated to physical music only and should give a general idea of what CDs, cassettes and vinyl records are selling well each week.

The top 40 right now is commanded by Tame Impala’s new album The Slow Rush. Following them is The Roots re-issue of Phrenology, Khruangbin with Leon Bridges, Green Day and Aretha Franklin.

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