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EP Review: ishi vu - Ephemeral Garbage

This EP from ishi vu is the furthest thing from garbage.
ishi vu

Stockholm producer ishi vu is someone who has been bubbling up in the underground with releases on labels like Studio Barnhus that span ephemeral deep house to breaks, jungle and club-ready house music. Now he is ready for a new chapter with a label he co-founded Glum Trigger. He is releasing his new EP Ephemeral Garbage.

Ishi vu takes the listener down many different roads on this 4-track EP. It starts with the “Accept,” which builds slowly with flickering synths and soft percussion.

There is often not the same level of thought put into EPs, as opposed to albums, about creating a cohesive body of work. That isn't the case on this EP, which blends each song effortlessly into the next. That is heard from the start as “Accept” leads right into the EP title track "Ephemeral Garbage,” which builds on the previous track with sugary synths and breakbeats with a sound piercing through that is very similar to the home run baseball bat sound in Super Smash Brothers (2:37).

This then transitions into "Metamorphos," which adds a little more bite with a squelching acid bass line, bells, atmospheric pads and breakbeats. The EP then calms down to its eventual conclusion with the aptly titled “On Those Darkest Nights.”

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This EP came during a period of transition for ishi vu as he moved from Gothenburg, where he grew up.

“It represents my leaving Gothenburg, leaving the nest. It's quite 'coming-of-age,'” the artist explains. “To spread your wings and let the wind carry you forward, consolidating all aspects of yourself. These are the overt themes; I hope some will also feel as I do, a sense of that discrete compassion towards their-self and towards the universe, as one and the same, hinted at between the lines.”

ishi vu teamed up with Different Recordings for the collaborative release of the Ephemeral Garbage EP, with a mini-album to follow in 2020. Stream it below.

ishi vu Ephemeral Garbage

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