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Review: Eris Drew Releases New EP 'Fluids Of Emotion'

Eris Drew drops her new EP 'Fluids Of Emotion.'
Eris Drew Fluids Of Emotion EP

Eris Drew has been maybe best known for her work alongside Octo Octa over the past several years. They have done music, toured and have their own label together, but Eris Drew hasn’t put out much solo music just yet. That changes today with her new Fluids Of Emotion EP.

At three tracks, the EP is concise and gets right to the point. It opens with the title track ”Fluids Of Emotion” that sets the tone and matches the title. It is fluid and emotional with soft pads in the background making you unexpectedly feel something deeper. "Fluids Of Emotion" is led by wavering synth lines over wet and almost flat percussion as vinyl cutting helps transition various parts of the song. “Transcendental Access Point” is built for peak time melodic, dancefloor moments with a heavy kick and fluttering synths. The strings towards the end take this one over the top with a magical uplifting swell.

The final track “So Much Love To Give” takes you right back to the dancing. The start and stop nature of the track adds another dimension to the breaks and staggering drums.

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This is an early contender for one of the best house releases so far this year and the type of love you will want on Valentines Day (though it was released on Monday). It is buoyant, fun and works as easy listening or dancefloor magic. In just three songs, this EP does what it takes many to try and build in an album.

Stream the project now and get it on Bandcamp.

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